The STC-EUROPE METALDIVISION Srl operates mainly in the metallurgical field and is a distributor of manufactured articles of the most important group and world leader in the sector as the ArcelorMittal in Ostrava (Czech Republic) for the Italian market and in particular in the field of the casting in the mold. In this context the STC has developed a remarkable and precisely know out capable of providing the main Italian steelworks which operate in this sector molds ranging from a range from 3 to 150 tonnes. Despite the STC is a company mainly commercial, was and is able to enslave the most disparate requirements of the market, giving customers a complete and innovative technical support, in particular for its projects and design of new formats, including their accessories such as plates, counterplates, bottomplace, columns, etc. The undisputed experience and quality of the products manufactured by the ArcelorMittal Ostrava together to the constant commitment of the team STC, always attentive to new request, have developed a winning condition, which has brough the company to the summit of supplies to the Italian steelworks. Thanks especially to the tangible and always more appreciated, technical support that the STC METALDIVISION EUROPE Srl provides to its customers.


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